Christmas Ball Projects

An event that was born to allow families spend quality time together. Most Christmas dinners were mainly organised for adults only or rare times for children only so we came up with an event where all the family can be in one place and still enjoy their Christmas fun. Children are well catered with loads of fun things and they also get gifts from Santa.

THE Dementia Project

The Dementia Project

The project has since been launched in December 2021 with a Christmas Ball to highlight the focus of all planned activities and the essence of the campaigns. The campaign commences with sensitization workshops across religious organizations, institutions, local community halls and other possible gatherings where participants are enlightened about the disorder, possible signs and symptoms, management and care for patients and their caregivers. Part of the activities would include screening of an educative movie creatively tailored to highlight all that the workshop seeks to teach.


The scope 

The starting point for this campaign is Lagos while we look forward to extending to other parts of Nigeria and Africa. Lagos is a mega-city with good number of its population living within both rural and Urban communities where knowledge of the symptoms and care of Dementia seem to be only a myth as only a hand full of the entire population have access such information, placing the inhabitants in the vulnerability box. The campaign is set to cover major accessible locations within the mainland, island, and and outskirts of Lagos, especially populated communities, we aim to start a conversation and we go home equipped with sharing such information to other area, thereby expanding the reach.


The campaign which began October 2021 with the script conference and casting call, for the short film, (which is an aid to create awareness for the campaign) hopes to run through the entire city of Lagos and the nation in the next 3 years, to enable the message be heard and people living with Dementia get the positive attention they need.

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